Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nude Company

It is an unfortunate fact that mainstream society misunderstands the benefits of casual nudity at home and socially. Some people are doing all they can to put an end to it. That is why we need to step up and make sure we will always have the right and freedom to be nude.

But what can we do?
Don’t keep it a secret! Tell people on your own terms how wonderful nudism/naturism is. Tell people the Nudist Websites.

Start at home. Share your love to be clothes-free with your nudist friends or family. It is amazing how quickly home nudity becomes normal, routine, and sometimes expected. (Not to mention how freeing it is to stop worrying about being “caught” or always getting dressed after waking up or showering.)

Let your friends know too. Be discreet, not everyone needs to know, but don’t make it a secret. And who knows, maybe they’ve always want to try it, but needed that extra push? There is a great series of articles on the Nudist Websites, that covers many situations and scenarios one might encounter while sharing their naturism.

Living the nude life. Regularly attend local nudist events and gatherings. Support local nudist attractions with your patronage or donations. Volunteer to host nudist/naturist parties. Take your family on nudist/naturist vacations. Send your children to nudist summer camp and don’t make them feel like they have to keep it a secret.
The more normal nudity is viewed the less people will make a big issue over it.

For more information about what you can do to help support nudism/naturism, subscribe to the Naturist Action Committee Newsletter. It will keep you updated on which nudist venues are in jeopardy of becoming clothed.

Together with Nudist Friends, we can make the future a little more clothes-free.

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