Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Living the Nude Life.

Nudity transforms our lives by reminding us of who we are and how we were meant to live life.

We were meant to live nude all the time. Only wearing clothes when we needed to for warmth or protection. When we break out of the grip clothing has on us, it can feel like we’ve been transformed or born again. Sharing nudes with Nudist Friends.

Clothes are a great idea when you need protection from something - weather, hazardous materials, danger from injury from the activity, etc. But most activities can be done nude. For instance, working out can be done nude. Just make sure you have a spotter when lifting. Otherwise, clothing just restricts body movements and prevents the skin from breathing and sweating.

We can feel like we’re becoming something powerful, something magical, something meaningful, something that we don’t ever what to give up. That thing is us as we should be.

Nudity reconnects us with ourselves. We don’t know what it will reveal. How could we? The important thing is to embrace who we are and go into it with open minds.

One thing is for sure, our lives will never be the same, but will always be as we feel we should. Meet nudist friends on the Nudist Dating Site. Get outside and get naked with Nudist Friend. Explore nature the way it was meant to be experienced.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nudist Christmas

Enjoy this Christmas and all the blessings that come with it. Don’t worry about what might or could have been, celebrate what is with Nudist Friends.
One lesson of living a nude life is embracing the present. If we didn’t, some of us might never be nudists. We’d be constantly worried about society or how we are betraying our upbringing. We’d be paralyzed with indecision.

Don’t fall for it! Enjoy the holidays for what they are. We won’t miss a thing when we embracing the moment. Life is how it is. Nude, clothed, we nudist friends are all here together.

So, there’s nothing wrong with decorating a Christmas tree, exchanging gifts, or having your holiday meal nude. Nudism is not sex. nudism is not porn. nudism is family friendly. Nudism increases self-confidence and is for everybody. It’s about comfort, freedom, and acceptance for real nudists. Meet nudist Friends in your area and spend a special Christmas for nudists.

It’s almost party time, are you ready? Warm wishes to you and all this Christmas Day. I hope it finds you happy, warm, and nude with nudist friends and family. Celebrate this Christmas as only nudists can. Let share it and not miss a thing.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Nudist Friends Naked together.

Nudist Friends should throw out the clothes. Sure we all have our secrets, but when it comes to the things between friends it’s different.
Friends are people we should be comfortable getting undressed around both actually and metaphorically. For one it builds trust. With friends we are saying, “I trust you enough to show you my body and who I am.” For another there are fewer ways to break the ice and get comfortable than getting nude. In any case, most friendships should be nude in one way or another.

When we share nudity with those we trust nudist friends, it increases our bond and trust, it allows us to understand each other better and appreciate who we are. Helps us affirm our decisions and life. Sometimes we can even be free to be nude around people we never thought we could be.

The difference between whether we gain or lose something usually comes down to which side of the front door we’re on, outside or in. Society is what we make it, who we are with and what we do. 
Meet Nudist Friends, to Live Free, Naked, Clothed with Heaven and Sun. In Search of the Lost Paradise!

What is most important is being true with ourselves and being happy in our life and with nudist friends. Did we take the chances we felt were worth it? Did we go for the goal when it felt impossible? It’s not about regrets, it’s about what’s coming next. Did we cover up who we really are, or not?

It might only be metaphorical for some but it’s literal for others. Nudist friends don’t stay dressed when they’re around each other.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Future Nudists

All parents teach their young children what clothing (if any) is “normal” and when. By age 10, this sense of “normal” is fully baked into your children’s psyche.
I've get many useful advice on the nudist websiteI don’t know of any parents who teach their kids that ALL nudity is bad. If that were true they would make their kids shower and bathe with a swim suit on.

On the other hand, all parents, even nudist, teach their kids that clothing is required in some circumstances and not in others. So the only difference in nudist parents and non nudist parents is the list of places where nudity is permissible or even expected. 
Whatever you teach and role model to your young children will become their standard of “normal” for life. So, before your kids are out of diapers, you should think hard about what you want your kids to believe about nudity and the human body. Sharing your nude advices with other nudists on the best nudist website.

Excellent advice. Unfortunately the only trouble with it is that “some of us” do not feel the same way about nudity (home and social) at our current age that we did when we were raising our children.
Nudist will be a trend in the future. We present ourselves as the perfect example of the old saying, “Old to soon, wise to late”.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nudist Friends Vacation.

The possibilities for nude and naturist vacations are endless. Nudist Friends spend time in the nude.
Naturism is a good thing, healthy and pure; nothing to be ashamed of nor to hide. Embrace it and live it. Let it breathe your existence. To deny your nakedness, to deny another’s nakedness … is to denounce creation in its purest form. Do not silence that breath. Let it flourish. Let it grow. It’s a gift to accept; a gift to share with nudist friends. In doing so, we express our sincerest form of gratitude to the GIVER of this gift.

Right now, nudists/naturists can book a nude cruise, they can travel to beaches, explore resorts, and free hike in many areas around the world.

There are public events such as the World Naked Bike Ride and festivals where people can participate nude all while helping promote a good cause or just enjoying the culture.

But what is really great about nude vacationing and adventuring is that it is the epitome of social nudity since it brings nudists together. Like most things, nudity can’t fully be appreciated unless there are others to share it with. Why not share moments that will last a lifetime?

So grab Nudist Friends and go on that adventure. Take nudity to new heights.

Don’t forget the sunscreen.