Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nude Costumes

Isn’t that a contradiction? An oxymoron? How can nudists still be nudists if they have costumes? The truth is clothing is only a part of it. So much more goes into a good costumes than the clothing. Attributes like attitude, accessories, and fun.
What’s a costume without attitude? From a nude superhero to clown, people can play the part, or at least come close to it. Halloween is about letting go and being something we’re not. The fun is being allowed to do things that we normally wouldn’t.

Clothing is a prop, an accessory we use to quickly identify someone but it’s not all we use for identification. What would a cop be without their utility belt? A doctor without a stethoscope? A construction worker without a hard hat?

Have fun with it. A costume is what we make of it. Yes, there are some that are more difficult than others to pull off. Find true nudist friends in the area on the Nudist Dating Site, have a different Halloween, nothing better, are you ready?

There are always the “nude” costumes like Adam and Eve, Lady Godiva, and, I recently saw a Vampire. Most classics and pushing the boundary, but as nudists we can do better. We can make anything as nude as we want it to be.

So have fun this Halloween and be creative with Nudist Friends. That’s what it’s all about.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Naturism/Nudism Family

A child is a small person, helpless for so many years, dependent to an entrusted mothers responsibility and love. A mother’s love is eternal and unconditional. The actions a mother will take to protect her children is infinite.
The mother who loves their children, teaches them that there is no shame in accepting the human body and soul as it is. When a mother teaches, practices and lives this advice, she has taught her children one of life’s most important lessons. She knows that beauty comes from within, not on what is seen and passes that knowledge on to her children to help them live healthier lives..

Family nudism is good for parents and it’s good for children. Children will have happier lives and understand the normalcy of the human body. Teaching shame to children is harmful. Teach them truth instead. Their bodies are not evil. To say so is to create problems that need not exist.

Nudism is for all kind of people young and old. There is no differentiating between race or age. I think that's why it feels so free. Meet nudists from all over the world on the best Nudist Dating Site.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to Be a Nudist.

We should not judge each other for simply living.Living is complicated enough by itself.
The family we have, the pairings we make.
Do not read more into a moment then is apparent.
Because with free will, each moment is new.
The universe is created under our feet each second!
The sky protects us and thrills us again!
Does the universe care what we think?
Does the universe care what we believe?
The world could shatter in an instant and we would end.
The sun could outshine itself and erase us completely.
What an absurd notion to believe we matter!
To believe we matter for more than this moment!
If you care about me, then share this.
If you love this moment, enjoy it!
If you wanna join, Nudist Dating Site for you.
Cast aside your costume and feel alive!
Be alive!
Seek to trust Nudist Friends by revealing all you are!
Be vulnerable! Be alive!
If anyone is worthy of our trust, they will show it.
They will accept us.
They will believe us.
They will follow us.
Our fully-lived moments will be shared.
Without pretense.
Without shame.
With love.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

All About Nude

Naturism and digital media: We may see some of the same images again and again on favored social media platforms, sometimes with comments and sometimes without, but these images are our “meaning”. I mean these images are a collective, shared meaning, kind of like a well-known story being told and told again, with the moral (point) of the story varying a little here, or maybe more over there!

Images with simply nudity, not the explicit style ones, are normalizing society’s understanding of behaviors including nudity; they are “de-escalating” its potency. Hopefully. However this is only true, only possible, when people keep sharing the images, keep telling stories with the images and restore the comments they added to these images once before! The more time devoted to making nudity simple, dialing it down a notch, and expressing an everyday love for it, the better everyone’s behavior toward it should become! Meet Nudist Friends on the Nudist Dating Site. Share your nude cruise adventures with other nudist friends on the nudist dating site for nudists from all over the world.

There is an educational purpose to this effort and normalization of nudity, or the reconditioning people’s awareness OF nudity, serves an important purpose. Nudity is something everyone has or can do, so it is more universal than any other quality or characteristic we share. If 50% of people are men, and 50% are women, the things we can each do such as be “good”, be “productive” or be nude, are the things we have 100% in common with each other.

Only a small number may be doctors, architects, college graduates or musicians, only a small number can be law enforcement, teachers, engineers or artists. In this world, some people will be heterosexual, some homosexual, and a smaller number self identify as Bisexual, transgender or some other characteristic, and speaking knowledgeably of any of these things is an important skill. This is also true of social nudity, the practices of nudism, and the people who enjoy or love being nude whenever it is reasonably possible. We think there could be more places, should be more times, and hope people will adjust their beliefs towards “simple nudity” being acceptable! This effort is something that WILL take time, HAS been ongoing for generations (with parents and grandparents identifying as nudists) and CAN reshape more and more people’s basic reactions and fundamental behaviors toward nudity.

The “how” of accepting the whole nude body.

The “why” of accepting the whole nude body.

Nudists love being nude, naked with NudistFriends, not doing anything specific with it. In the same way other self identifying groups also want to be accepted as those things, along with EVERYTHING else they are in life, we seek to educate and enlighten anyone who will listen to the moderate, hopeful, peaceful things we believe and practice openly. Goodness happens in many ways when we accept it as possible.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Natural Picnic.

What is more picturesque and peaceful than a picnic? A nudist picnic with Nudist Friends!

On gorgeous days it should be a crime to stay dressed. Stripping down in the middle of nature is so freeing. There’s a child-like giddiness that comes from the feeling of being nude outdoors. Nudism make us Be a Kid Again.

What’s more relaxing than stretching out and feeling the warmth of the sun. Breathing in all the world. Nothing to hold us back.

There’s the company too. Friends and family who we enjoy being around enrich the experience. Great friends don't care if we're bare. There’s a platonic intimacy about it. Just being together, sharing nudism, time and space. Letting go of the havoc and chaos of the world and sharing in the moment. That’s something special the transcends the daily grind of sitting around indoors doing the same thing over and over again.

Food tastes amazing when it’s shared with nudist friends (Seeking nudist friends on nudist dating site). Some say that the meal isn’t complete until it is shared with other nudist friends. It’s not what or how we share it, but with whom. Being nude only makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

How wonderful it is to be ourselves around those we care about. Seeking nudist friends on the best nudist dating site.To have the freedom to express our feelings and be open without reservation. Even if they don’t share in our clothes freedom, the fact they accept us speaks volumes.

So go on a nude picnic and enjoy the weather, the nudist friends, and most of all the world we live in. Feel it, experience it, and want more of it.

Have a natural picnic and be reminded of what it’s all about.