Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nudist Friendship

Who wouldn’t want to be with their friends when the weather outside is dreary and cold? Being able to enjoy a fire in the fireplace or share stories or just hang out and watch some television.
Having real life Nudist Friends, regardless of if they practice nudism or not, is a wonderful thing that helps keep us grounded, validates our decisions, and reminds of who we are. Friends support each other. They might all be nudists, they might not even like nudism or let you be nude around them, but they shouldn’t hold it against you. Never try to coerce or force someone into nudism/naturism. It usually backfires and strains the relationship. It’s up to them, not us, in the final decision.

Accepting and being accepting are some of the greatest challenges in life. However, the rewards are equal, sometimes greater, than the risk. So be bold, Join our Nudist Dating Site and ask where nudist or clothing-optional events are. Isn’t that a major part of what life is all about? Having nudist friends to share the experience and be there for each other on the nudist dating site?

Stay warm. Have Nudist friends, be confident in yourself, and enjoy the world!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Body Canvas

Our body is a canvas. It starts out blank, clean of all scars, marks, or blemishes, ready to become something wonderful and unique. The only paint worth this task is the paint of life.
From the first scraped knee, the way we cut our hair, how we hold ourselves, all exhibit to others aspects of our life. Our masterpiece in skin and expression.

Be proud of what you make. Be proud of who you are. Display your work of art on the Nudist Dating Site for all to see. We all should. It’s one of the greatest tributes we can do for ourselves.
There will always be critics, naysayers, and objectors. Those that want us to hide our work because they are ashamed of theirs. We can withstand it because our art holds true and is universal. No one’s art should be hidden. And I think great friends don't care if you're bare. Seeking true Nudist Friends on the nudist dating site.

We all start off as blank canvases. We end as something beautiful and magnificent and truly one of a kind.

Be proud of yours. Paint it with life and never be afraid to show it off.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Meet Nudist.

If you haven’t yet, you really should meet other nudists. Doing so drives home that we are not alone in our nude journey. It’s one thing to read about it and chat online, it’s another to see each other outside. Seeking your partner on the Nudist Dating Site.
Great places to meet are at the beach or a club. Some groups offer clothed meeting sessions at local coffeehouses or restaurants as a way to meet those who are curious, but not sure if nudity is for them.

No matter what, make sure the meeting is in a public space. Somewhere with lots of people. It’s a lot like meeting anyone or a group for the first time. Stay safe.

This goes for friends too. It’s great to make a lot of friends on our nudist dating site, but always meet in neutral territory first.

Technology is great for bringing us together, but it can only go so far. There’s nothing that replaces the experience of meeting others face-to-face.

I love reading about how people have met at nudist clubs, conventions, or NudistWebsites. If you have a story feel free to share it.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Clean Nudity.

Nudists live a clean life! Day-to-day nudists are cleaner and more hygienic than textiles by a long shot. It’s part of our tradition and way of life.
Let’s start with the obvious: clothing. Ever since going nude I haven’t been sick. That’s because my body is able to regulate and clean itself the way it was meant to.

Clothing traps dirt, pollution, and bacteria and holds it against our skin. It allows it to grow and get inside us. Removing clothes removes the threat. Being nude also makes it easier to wash off after a long day.

Being nude is also an environmentally clean way of living. Without clothing there’s less to wash and less waste overall. We’re also more conscious and aware of our environment, which can help us protect it.

For some, nudity is a way to keep a clean and healthy mind. Alone, nude living and mediation is very beneficial to creating balance in our lives.

In Nudist Community, we can see what actual people look like and appreciate the wide scope humanity has to offer. Social nudity also reminds us that we all deserve equal respect and consideration.

Living a clean and healthy life is a goal we should all strive to achieve.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Run Together.

When naturists Run in Nudity together, it shows the best of humanity. Few relationships or bonds match the unconditional support people find in nudism and naturism.
Instead of putting others down in a backwards attempt to make them better, nudists bring each other up. We accept people for who they are and encourage them to be themselves.

Does this mean we encourage people to continue bad habits or to stop growing or expanding their lives? No! Of course not. That’s not how a healthy relationships work.

Naturism and nudism provides a secure and safe environment where people can try things new. We can strengthen their weaknesses without fear of ridicule or rejection.

When one of us starts to fall behind we reach out. Mutual support and acceptance is the core of nudism and naturism and it shows.

Seeking nudist friends on our Nudist Dating Site, run with us. You’ll be amazed at how far you can go.

Friday, September 2, 2016

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