Monday, June 27, 2016

Clothing Free

Goodbye clothing! Too often it pinches, binds, and irritates. There’s nothing like stripping down and feeling that rush of freedom.

Nudism is about freedom. For some that feeling is common. Others have yet to experience it. All know how great it feels to be unencumbered. Once felt, we want to feel it again. Because that’s literally who we are!

So why can’t we all experience that freedom equally? It’s not fair that some are allowed to be more free than others.

Let’s do something about it. For instance, join in a nudist dating, resort, colony, etc. Enjoy the freedom from nudism.

There are many organizations out there fighting worthy causes. Support those you know and trust, talk about it with friends and family, let your stance be heard, find others who share you opinions, and hopefully we will see a day when we can be as free as we like, equally and without bounds.

Don’t hide behind the curtain? Throw it back and hang out with Nudist Friends.

There is nothing to afraid. Just be nude.

When asked why they are afraid of trying nude recreation, most people lament that they “don’t look good enough” to be nude in front of other people. Many people think they are overweight and say things like “no one wants to see me naked” or “people would run screaming if they saw me nude”. They believe that they aren’t physically attractive like the people they see on magazine covers (hint: not even those models look as good as those altered pictures).

People don’t realize that nudists don’t care what other people look like! Nudist Friends are the best friends, I think so. Nudists accept everyone based on their personality and look beyond the physical. It is very refreshing and comforting to be accepted by others without feeling like you are being judged on your looks - how you dress, how large or small you are, whether you have scars or not, or whether or not you have the “perfect figure”. Nudist friends don't mind it.

Nudism has helped many people who suffer from low self-esteem issues and fear what others think of them. We’ re just normal people with cars, homes, families, jobs, dreams, pets, hobbies, friends and normal daily lives just like anybody else. only one difference. We like to be naked. Nudists are a very friendly and welcoming group. If you are new nudist, Find nudist friends on the Nudist Dating Sites. Welcome to join the nudist family.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

There is no age limit for nudist.

Some Friends often contact me and ask what the average age of our members on the Nudist Websites. We always respond that our organization, and nudism in general, is made up of people of all ages. Newborns up to people in their 90’s and beyond can be seen at Nudist Dating, including ours.

If you’re worried you won’t fit in because of your age or what you look like, don’t be! You’ll fit in with people who have the same initial fears. But like them, you’ll get through that fear and have a great time, meet some wonderful friends, gain self-esteem, and change your out look on life!

Bored of doing the same old things with your friends? Have you fallen into a rut with the same three or four activities? Break out of the rut! Plan a nude day!

If you are single nudist, don't worry. Find local nudist friends, nudist groups on the Nudist WebsitesFind a secluded campground, private backyard, or nudist dating and invite your nudist friends for a day of nude fun! Do arts, crafts, swim, play frisbee, listen to music, and have a cold beverage. It will definitely break you out of the “same old, same old” rut!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Nudist Websites -- It’s How We Play

For nudists, there’s no other way to play. Clothing just gets in the way. Our focus is blocked. It muddles our concentration. It nags at the back of our minds and keeps us from finding that groove.

Playing online games on the Nudist Websites nude is also a small way for us to realize how life would be in a world where our nudity was common. Granted, nobody knows we’re nude unless we say so, but that doesn’t change the fact that in a world where nudity was accepted and they did know, it wouldn’t matter.

Our nudity only matters in how we play. Without clothes the world slips away. We can let go of what’s out there and get lost in what’s in here. It might not make us game gods, but we’ll definitely play better than we would otherwise.

How do you play? Find game friends on the Nudist Dating Sites.
 If you’ve never experienced nudist games nude, you are missing a great experience! There are few things as freeing as play online games nude. Come on !!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nudist Friends.

It follows that the longer we hang out with nudists the more Nudist Friends we’ll have. However, it’s kind of startling how fast nudists make new friends.
Maybe we meet them at the local nudist club or resort. Sometimes we find them on the Nudist Websites. Then again, they could be old friends that decided to try it out. Of course, the Nudist Websites is the most effective way to find Nudist Friends.

It’s always a judgement call when it comes to talking about nudism with old friends, but one of the more rewarding experiences is to get their support and maybe the chance that they’ll join us.
Sure, it might be awkward being nude around an old friend, but the feeling quickly passes. Encouraging a friend to get nude can’t really be called a “conversion.” Nudists aren’t converted, we were born that way. Maybe someone always wanted to try nudism but never had a reason or opportunity.

One things for sure, nudists are very friendly.

How many Nudist Friends do you have?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Leave The Clothes Behind.

In a nudist friendly world, what we wear shouldn’t matter. Nudity and clothing would work together. People would be clothed when it was needed or if they felt like it. Other times, people may choose not to wear clothing. It is all an option. Sometimes, some people may wear clothing and others wouldn’t.

I can see beaches as a place where people are split on wearing clothing or not. Some people don’t like wet clingy swimsuits. Others feel safer with a barrier of clothing. It shouldn’t be anything to get up in arms about, much less force others to do something based of supposed morals.
Whose among us is to say who is in the right? Is there even a “right” to begin with?

For me. I think good friends spend time together, Nudist Friends should be naked together. I hope for the day when people can relax as they want, together in the same place. Nudity shouldn’t be seen any differently then clothing. We are all humans. We all have bodies. Why should we be ashamed of ourselves and seeing other naked? Why should we live with that?

Celebrate our bodies. Don’t hide them. So I’ll stay nude. Meet nudists on the best Nudist Websites.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Run In Nudity.

The Rat Race. The Human Race. People say we’re “racing through life.” Before we know it, it’s over. We might not be able to make the race go slower, but with nudity we can make it easier and more enjoyable.

It’s easier because first and foremost we feel better about ourselves. Nobody wants to do anything when they feel terrible. Do as much as you can to make things favorable for you.

Life isn’t a competition. Which means we can enjoy it with nudist friends. I know few groups that are as cooperative and accepting as nudist groups.

Finally, living nude helps us pace ourselves. We can keep better tabs on our progress and understand that we can enjoy life. Why rush through it?

Why hold yourself back or make the race more difficult? Nobody ever got a “made it unnecessarily difficult prize.”

We were meant to run this race nude. Let’s get to it. To know more on the Nudist Websites.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Be nude. Be comfortable

Isn’t it strange that we are taught to feel uncomfortable about our bodies? Really, it doesn’t make sense. Under normal circumstances, we would be nude all the time and seeing each other nude should be the most normal (certainly the most natural) thing in the world.

If anything, being nude or seeing other Nudist Friends nude should be a sign all is well and create a sense of security and comfort. That we don’t need protection or are hiding anything. We are at peace and have confidence in ourselves and surroundings.

Anyone who experiences nervousness, anxiety, or any other ill feeling towards casual nudity should examine themselves, not the nude person, as to why they feel that way. We certainly don’t.
We feel the most relaxed, the most comfortable, and the most happy when we don’t have to wear clothes. When we can walk around as free as we want. Who should worry about an outfit when ours is always right?

Seeing people happy and content should inspire that feeling in the others. It certainly has at nudist resorts, clubs, and other events. That’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

Be nude, be comfortable, and inspire that feeling in others. Meet more Nudist Friends on the Nudist Websites.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

I hope every nudist is ready for tomorrow!!

After a hard day’s work, I love nothing more than to get a well deserved night’s rest. But what I love even more than that is to wake up with the sun. Refreshed and ready to take on the challenges and puzzles the day shares with me.
And to ensure the night’s blessings, I have a simple breakfast of fruit and juice with a spot of tea to pep me up.

Now, every once in awhile, Nudist Friends may join me. Mind, not all are nudists and do wear clothing (even when we share breakfast), but they accept me for who I am, those who won’t, I don’t need to be in my life. Not to say, the discussion hasn’t turned to nudism/naturism, but healthy debate is good for the mind.

So here is my morning blessing to you; Start the day off right, wake up refreshed, eat a simple breakfast, and live life how you want. If you want to meet more nudist friends, the Nudist websites is suit for you.

Stay nude.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Stay Nude

I’ve dreamed of having a country estate I could go to with family or friends for a nude weekend, get together, or Nudist Dating.

It would be wonderful to hang out and party all day, relax under the cool moonlight until everyone falls asleep under the stars.

I know that if I lived there, I’d be nude all the time. Work, play, sleep, exploring, etc.

Nudist Friends who are confident in themselves and with each other shouldn’t have any problem hanging out nude together or accepting someone’s wish to be nude. 

So Naked with friends and see what amazing things happen.

Someday, clothing won’t be a problem and people will be able to go nude whenever and wherever they like. 

Until then, stay nude.