Thursday, April 28, 2016

Open The Nudist Door

Few life choices are as fulfilling and wonderful as choosing to live nude.

Sleeping feels better, waking up is refreshing, making breakfast is empowering, and hanging out with friends is more relaxing.
Being nude calls the body to move and be healthy. I love how energized I am and how healthy my skin is. I also feel great working out, and I really noticed a difference in performance when I switched from chips and soda to fruits and vegetables.

Nudity has also helped me form stronger and more honest friendships with our Nudist Friends. I always felt separate from everyone, never really part of the group. Nudism removed those barriers.

I don’t understand why nudity is considered wrong when everything about it feels right and seems natural.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Share Nudism With Others.

We were meant to be naked around each other. Meant to learn that we are not really different from anyone else. That we are a part of something larger and each of us need to help each other to fulfill our potential.
Nudity allows us to go beyond the surface of clothing and connect on a truly human level. Nudity helps us understand each other by allowing ourselves to be honest. It opens the way to combine our talents and abilities together. The end result creating a more effective team and stronger community. As it should be.

Instead of being held back by self-doubt and shame over pointless body repression, we need to embrace ourselves, our abilities, and our potential. And we can’t do that alone. We have our Nudist Friends.

Nudism is not about showing off to the world. It’s about comfort. It’s about respect as pat of nature. It’s about being who I really am.

It starts with one, but ends with everyone. You are not alone, Meet other Nudist Friends on the true Nudist Dating Site.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Healthy Nudist Family.

Shared family nudity should be common and the rule, not the exception. It is how nature intended us to live.

Family nudity is not only healthy because it creates stronger bonds, but it also removes the mystery of the human body. Family nudity allows children to accept and understand what changes their bodies will go through as they grow. Without the mystery there is not much to be ashamed over, much less fetishize. A breast is a breast, a penis is a penis, nothing more obscene than a hand or foot and a part of everyday life. Imagine a generation of children brought up to not be terrified to see themselves in the mirror or horrified at how much they weigh? Able to respect each other and our differences. To see each other as people, not as mysterious or curiosities.

Naturism is about embracing nature. Human nature drives us to build families and strong communities. When we grow up, We can find the pleasure of nudism. Hang out with Nudist Friends. We can Shouldn’t we embrace that aspect of nature as well?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Nudism - Its nothing to worry about.

The more we talk about naturism with our Nudist Friends, family, and acquaintances, the more we show that naturists and nudists are everyday people. We are no different from anyone else. There is nothing sexual or deviant about wanting to live without the necessity of clothing so why should we hide it? More importantly, we show we have not changed and are the same person they’ve always known.

It may be hard to talk with some people. Not everyone is okay with the subject. And some never will be. But it is amazing who is and may even want to give it a try.
Just remember to be confident. Acting or sounding unsure will cause others to doubt your sincerity or not believe you. Don’t forget to be polite, friendly, and respectful no matter how it was brought up. Nudist Dating with friends is a way to close the distance between Nudist Friends.

Good luck. It takes a lot of trust to discuss naturism with some people and people’s reactions can take us by surprise.
Clothing is temporary. Bodies are forever! It is important to talk about naturism or nudism because if we don’t, who will?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Naked Travel

You never know what you’ll be able to get away with or where you’ll end up.

There are many locations where nudity is completely acceptable: Resorts, B&Bs, beaches, camping, and even Nudist Dating! There are so many places that are becoming open to nudist tourists. On your next vacation, ask where the nudist resorts or attractions are. We won’t know until we ask. The tourist companies won’t know there is a demand until we do.

Of the billions of creatures to walk the Earth, humans are the only ones to create clothing (external protection) . Sure, the hermit crab may find a home in a shell, but they did not create it. It is their habit.

All humans are nudists by habit and nature. It is not in our nature to create clothing while living in our natural habitat. Look at National Geographic for additional evidence.

Be naked. Find local nudist then Travel far.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Nudist will be a trend in the future.

I like to think that someday, beaches will be both clothed and nude. No one will be troubled to wear or not wear what they want.

Now, I know some of the arguments for and against clothing optional and nudists compulsive beaches/resorts. In today’s age, I fall more on the nude compulsive side because I’ve seen others, and felt myself, feeling a little “underdressed” when working or relaxing nude next to clothed people and feeling urged to get dressed.

However, when I have not followed the urge to get dressed, I find that my nudity, as well as other Nudist Friends, tends to be overlooked or accepted as normal, but it takes a lot longer and creates unnecessary tension. In nude compulsive areas, this is not a factor.

Now, in the future, when nudity is more accepted, having mixed areas makes sense because nudity won’t carry the weight it currently does. Meet other nudists on the Nudist Dating Site.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Don't be nude alone.

Nudism. It’s not about showing off to the world. It’s about comfort. It’s about respect as pat of nature. It’s about being who I really am.
So many times. The doubt, the wondering. Is this a legit meeting? Will this place really allow nudism? Most times it has been misplaced fear.

Just remember the basics. When approaching something new, be covered. Both literally and figurative. Don’t go alone, don’t go without someone knowing where you are. Bring your Nudist Friends survey the situation. In the end, biggest of all: feel comfortable.

Be confident and take chances. They are all growing experiences. But be safe and smart and make sure it is worth it to you.

I never would’ve gotten into nudism if I didn’t feel it was worth it. Never looked back since.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nudist Family

And why wouldn’t nudists have more fun? They get to be naked! Otherwise, there are many benefit of being nude with your family. Common home nudity should be practiced by all families for a myriad of reasons: Its fun!

Family nudism amplifies the effect. Especially in the open and honest atmosphere nudism promotes.

It strengthen familial relations and bonds; helps everyone feel better about themselves and their bodies; It allows parents to teach their children about how the body works; Being nude with nudist family teaches respect for self; Being nude with nudist family teaches respect for others; It removes the mystery society places on gender; It reduces the fear of natural changes (like puberty) because children feel safe to talk about it; Its good for the environment (less laundry, better heating and cooling, etc.)
Everything feels better nude. Like being a kid again. The pure joy of being yourself. How could that not be amazing?

So let your hair down, shed your clothing, forget your worries, and have fun!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

First Step for Nudism

For those that didn’t grow up in a nudist/naturist house or a nude-friendly society, joining a nudist club or even going nude in Nudist Friends' house can be a hard feat. There’s so much societal conditioning that needs to be ignored or resisted. 

It is amazing that the effects are not permanent and total. But there is that spark, that nagging voice in the back of the mind that questions, why do we wear clothing? What does it feel like to go without? How bad could it be? Then there is the realization that, no, it’s not bad, it’s actually good.
To think, there used to be a time when bathing was considered a risky affair because of disease and infection. Now we know better.

Nudity offers a wide range of benefits and rewards from being more comfortable and accepting of ourselves and other Nudist Friends to finding joy and peace with life. It’s a moral, ethical, and social way to live that brings us together.

Hopefully, someday more of society will know better about the joys of nudity and the tan lines of the past will fade.

Relax with Nature.

Every so often our lives become rushed through our own decisions or the happenstance of fate.

When we find ourselves in those moments, it’s usually good advice to take a deep breath and step back from the situation. Observe where we are and where we are going so we don’t rush headlong into something we can’t get ourselves out of.
It’s a great pleasure to close to nature. You can go as a group, with Nudist Friends. Or as couple, with opportunities to have fun together without any obstacles of clothing. It actually is not a risky activity, as you are on the move any encounter with non-nudists will be very brief. The really brave nudist leave their clothes behind or put them at the end of the trail. That’s also an exciting experience, to be naked without carrying anything with you. At the middle of the forest we can hold a Nudist Dating.

Taking off our clothing to get rid of the day’s stress is one thing, but going outside and feeling nature, embracing it as part of us, is a great way to boost the effects of nudism and help relieve the pressure.

Freedom! Connecting with nature and becoming one with the universe. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Home is where nudism will always be.

I remember the days of anxiously listening for my parents’ car. All those false starts of when I thought I heard a car door slam. Otherwise, I didn’t have a television in my room and the only computer with Internet was far away from my room. And like most young nudists, the only time I could watch the television or surf the website in my skin was while my parents were gone or fast asleep. From the Nudist Dating Site I find many local nudists. Now we are good friends.

Nowadays, I don’t have those concerns. I have own house. In fact, its unusual to see me dressed when I’m not about to leave. And I’m sure every nudist/naturist has their own story of home nudism.
Nudists don’t “expose themselves” to people who aren’t nudists. I have many friends and family members who are not comfortable with nudity. They do not see me naked, if they come to my home I wear clothes. When I leave my home, I cover myself, because that is what society expects me to do.

So nobody sees me naked except for my Nudist Friends. Sometimes I will hold a Nudist Dating at home. Invite my dear Nudist Friends to my house, we dancing, singing, drinking, etc.

Home is where nudism will always be.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Nudist Game ON.

Why not play video games nude? Most nudists take off their clothes at the door. Does it make sense to put clothes on to game? No!

Besides, if your friends aren’t open to being nude themselves and mind having nudist friends around them; one, why are you still friends, and two, this is possible compromise.
I’ve always seen computers and nudity going together. They are one of the most used electronics (I’m including smart phones) and readily used either clothed or not.

What I’m getting at is that if resorts can have nude volleyball tournaments, why can’t they also include computer gaming tournaments? Many have asked what would get the younger generation involved? Well, more notions connecting nudity to electronics for one. They won’t be on all day and get their fill of nature, but don’t deprive them of what they know and understand.

Also, sitting in clothing for long periods of time sucks. Play with Nudist Friends. Let's party.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

A dream of nudist.

When we dream, we are reduced to our most basic state. Our desires, our fears, our wants, needs, the simplest of daily things are all brought out.

To benefit, deficit, or nonchalance, they are part of us and hold meaning in our lives.

When we acknowledge our dreams, take hold and follow their lead, do we start to realize our potentials, our gifts, maybe even our calling.

Nudity is like dreaming. With nothing between us, holding us back, we have the freedom to acknowledge a different aspect of who we are and use the potential to become something greater.

I'm actually new to this nude stuff and I don't know what to expect, but I always wanted to try it. Nobody knows that I'm wanting to try it so it's a secret. I don't care who it is. 
 Take part in a Nudist Dating is an effective way to meet other nudist friends.  Share your nude dream to other nudists.

Be nude in your dreams and life and let’s become better for it.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Becoming a nudist.

Some people are reluctant to try nudism because they “don’t look good enough” to be seen naked. They certainly don’t understand what nudism is about.

Nudism is all about accepting yourself and others for who they are, not for what they look like. While most of us strive to be healthier, and many strive to drop a few pounds, nudists don’t hide out of shame. Nudists understand that the “ideal body” that the media portrays is a fantasy. No one can look like that, and no one should look like that. Each person is perfect how they are, and every nudist accepts each other as they are.

If you’re reluctant to try nudism because you don’t think you “look good enough”, then you really should challenge yourself to accept yourself as you are and understand that nudists will accept you exactly how you look. We think you should stop listening to what society says you should be and love who you are today!

True nudist friends never mind what's your looks like. Meet other nudists on the Nudist Dating Site.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Free body.

Some get so tied up in what they believe society wants them to wear, eat, and how to act that it is easy to forget who we really are. Additionally, society is far from constant which only leads to more confusion. What’s worse is that most people rarely recognize this for what it is because we have accepted this state of affairs as a way of life.

Getting tangled over things in life keeps us from building a solid foundation to base our self-confidence on. It is also makes it much harder to maintain a sense of self.

Many people have discovered that by removing clothes as a thread society has on us, it is easier to cut the others.

Practicing nudism can be as simple as in your home, Nudist friends' house or a local Nudist Dating.

Society has anticipated kickback and has tightened the line against nudity by making people think the practice is crazy or perverse. The opposite couldn’t be more true and it is up to us to help change that perception. Let others know of the benefits of nudism and why we love it.

Keep your bodies and minds free and get nude!

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Nudist Family

No one should ever feel guilty about being nude in front of others. However, many families do keep their Nudist Dating a secret. If not handled properly, this can cause more damage than good.

It is confusing for children to be told something is good and enjoyable but that same thing should be keep a secret. In the event that secret is discovered by classmates or people in authority children can be put in a spot they don't know how to handle.

It falls to parents to take the lead in how to share nudity and with whom. Talk with teachers, parents of friends, and others in your circle.

Most importantly, in a Nudist Family, parents should sit down with their children and talk to them about nudity in our society and how they should handle talking about it to others. Make sure they understand, to the best of their ability, what to say to someone who questions them.

This is advice is not a blanket statement and should not be applied to every situation. Use judgement and take everything on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes the best solution is to keep it a secret. If that is the case, make sure children understand that even though they must keep it a secret, there is nothing to feel guilty about.

However it is handled, don’t let nudity become a family burden.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fun To Be Nudist.

Being social with Nudist Friends is nice, but it’s even better when everyone is socially nude. In some ways it’s like being a kid. There’s the innocence and simplicity of being nude. We can run and jump and never have to worry about getting our clothes dirty. Nothing is holding us back. It is a good and safe way to let go and have fun.

It is safe because social nudity inherently relies on trust, honesty, and caring. Taking away our pretenses and barriers (i.e. clothes) requires a lot of trust we must be honest with ourselves about. We must also take care with others because they are entrusting us with the same.

It’s this relationship between playfulness and trust that gives social nudity it’s depth and value commonly missing in mainstream society. Where else can adults go where they are free to let go and laugh with glee and abandon? Where children can learn how to build real social skills while being valued and accepted for who they are, not trying to be what society wants them to be. Where everyone can feel like they are on the same level.

The only question now is, are you up for it?

We’re waiting. Meet local nudists on the Nudist Dating Site.