Thursday, March 31, 2016

There is no labels in Nudism

There should be no derogatory labels in nudism. That is because when everyone is nude, we are all the same. No one is above or below anyone else. In other words, we are a blank slate. Unless you’re celebrity, there aren’t any tell tale signs of wealth, status, or background. 

But nudism is way more than removing labels. It is about building our own identity and personality from the inside. Understanding who we are without the interference of life “out there.” When we get undressed, we become more of who we are than any clothing or beauty brand can make us. We become our essence.

We’ re just normal people with cars, homes, families, jobs, dreams, pets, hobbies, Nudist Friends and normal daily lives just like anybody else. only one difference. We like to be naked.
Having this freedom and clarity allows us to grow more self-confident and proud of who we are. There are fewer self doubts, less self-criticism, and certainly way less pressure to be something we’re not. We just are and are as we should be.

No labels, no terms, no clothes. Just us. Meet local nudist friends on the Nudist Dating Site.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Get ready to be a nudist.

Living a nudist life means we’ve already got one up on others because we don’t need to carry clothes or worry about keeping them clean.

We are free to carry what we need, like sunscreen, a hat, towel, helmet, a bike (but those normally carries us, right?), and water.

So next time you are part of or see pictures of the Nudist Dating, appreciate what messages and causes the Nudist Friends lifestyle, but also think about a world where that is a common sight. When clothing is only worn for protection and necessity.

Nudity is a wonderful way of life. It’s very fulfilling emotionally, mentally, and physically. It allows us to feel great about ourselves, care for others, and experience life as it was meant to be.

Why is simple nudity considered a bad thing and shameful? It makes no sense.

Everyone is appreciated for who they are and what they can do. Not what they can cover their bodies with.

We already have everything we need to be who we are. We just have to stop hiding it. Meet local nudists on the Nudist Dating Site.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nudist - Body Charge

We don’t recharge by plugging in like a phone or computer. Humans recharge in various, and sometimes complicated, ways. For some of us that includes taking our clothes off.

When we remove our clothing we can feel a surge of energy. Like a new connection is made with the world. Sensations flow in, our mind focuses, and our bodies come alive. All the irritation and tension of the day drain away. It’s replaced by a comfort and an ease with who we are, our surroundings, and maybe even with those around us. Most of all, we feel a control over ourselves.

Just like introverts need their space and extroverts need company, nudists need time to be nude with Nudist Friends. It’s who we are. It’s how our bodies work. It shouldn’t be thought any differently than taking a bubble bath or hitting the gym.

When we’re nude, we can realize and appreciate every part of our body and and feel life flowing through us.

What’s your way of recharging?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Nude Sport With Nudist Friends.

We should have more nude sports.

Nude volleyball is great, but what about football (soccer), baseball, triathlons, boxing, and the other sports. 
All you have to do is Naked with Nudist Friends

I’ve been over how socially building nudity is, so I’ll skip it.

Seeing people compete in the nude touches something primal in humans, in my opinion. Seeing people duke it out on the field nude is daring, raw, and emotional.
Being nude is putting oneself out there. Doing something nude is taking it up a level.

Not only is competing nude showing off the athletes ability, but it is also showing that the athlete is confident in themselves but is showing how much work they’ve put into their bodies and effort into their sport. They are and nothing more. Leaving it all on the field and taking nothing back but the spoils.

Naturism is all about doing nude activities with others. Being social and showing that living without clothing is a normal way of living. Working together, have a Nudist Dating together is one of the best ways of showing that.

Come on!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Be yourself - Be a nudist

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you’ve been interested in nudism but aren’t comfortable going to a Nudist Dating or club event, then try being nude around your home first. Confide in a friend that you are interested in it. They may want to join you, or they might just support you. Rarely would a friend shun you for wanting to try nudism - or when you become a nudist!

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Your true friends will understand and support you- even if they don’t join you. Once you are comfortable being nude around your Nudist Friends, you’ll be more comfortable giving a local club or resort a try.

Whether indoors or out, going around naked is great fun, naturally relaxing, and helps build self-confidence.

Logically, most human activities don’t require clothing. Doing things like watching the TV, working on the computer, or even hanging out with friends can all be done sans clothing.

Bad weather and hazardous work conditions are definitely times when clothing is required. What of all the other times?

How can your life be a little more clothing optional?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Be Nude - Never Mind Others.

Accepting and being accepting are some of the greatest challenges in life. However, the rewards are equal, sometimes greater, than the risk. So be bold, go out there and ask where nudist or clothing-optional events are.

In theory, the more we nudists make ourselves apparent and present in society, the more society will grow to understand and accept us in the everyday. (Especially if that means increases in revenue or participation.)

We all have one life to live. Why not live it like we want? Such as have a Nudist Dating.

It is amazing what can come from asking. No one ever really knows how someone will react to or answer a question. The worst that can happen is that they say no, right?
In terms of nudism, being confident, as if it was a normal part of life (because it is), and not like it is some devious sexual kink or fetish is always the best way to go. If nudism is nothing to be worried about. Why worry?

Be nude with Nudist Friends.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Nudist - Share The Moment

Good friends share similarities, great friends share differences. That’s because differences are what make friendships interesting. They are what keep friends coming back for more and keep us trying new things. So why hide one of the most unique and wide-ranging things about who we are? (Strange as that may be considering everyone has a body.)

Most friendships I know of are based on trust and acceptance. We should trust that our friends will accept us for what we believe and enjoy doing. They might not join or believe it themselves, but at most the criticism shouldn’t go beyond a minor ribbing. Otherwise, why are they friends we’d trust with that information?

On the other hand, they might be the kind of friend that wants to join, to try it out for themselves and see what it’s like. That certainly puts a twist on things and opens the friendship to new aspects. Like how do they want to try it: at home, right now? Go to a Nudist Dating? What is their motivation or interest? How does it change things?

Of course there are reasons we might not want to share it. Our bodies are personal and living our lives without clothing is a very personal act not everyone is up for sharing. So don’t worry if this isn’t something to share. That’s okay too.

Friends are there to experience life with. We take pictures of what we do together and where we go. The question for this post is, will our Nudist Friends be nude in those pictures?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Workout Nudist Friends

There’s nothing like a having a friend for support during a workout. Most people need someone to rely on. It’s natural, healthy, and meaningful. Doing something by ourselves can feel selfish and could be hazardous. It feels more important when we share and activity with someone else. They can help strengthen our weaknesses and we can do the same for them.

It doesn’t even take a gym or club membership for friends to exercise together. There are plenty of exercises and aerobic activities friends can do. Activities like running, yoga, and even jazzercise or kickboxing.

Nudist Dating and clubs can provide nudists and naturists with the option of nude workouts provided they have the means or facilities.

Why shouldn’t they? Clothing used to be prohibited in gyms. It can bind and keep us from reach our full flexibility. Not to mention it can get tangled in machinery or caught by weights. Such a bother.

Get ahold of the Nudist Friends and work out together. Nudism and naturism are about keeping the body healthy so why not go for it?

We all have the same goals, right?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Be a Kid -- Be nude.

It’s just more fun being nude. Kids know it. Fortunately, the kids seem to get a free pass when they slip out in the nip. When it happens everyone kind of chuckles and says it’s cute. Kids are kids. There’s no thought about nudity’s benefits later in life.

Adult nudity is sinful. The innocent fun becomes perverted and bad. This harmless state of being is somehow nasty and sick because adults should “know better.” The more I hear these types of sentiments the more I believe the people saying them are repressed nudists.

And why not? When people see or feel something is unattainable they become resentful. They tell themselves it wasn’t worth it to begin with and should be squashed. It can lead to a “if I can’t have it, then no one can” line of thinking. In extreme cases this leads to laws that infringe on the rights of others.

But to those repressed people I say “let it go!” Put aside the backwards mentality and be a kid again, Be nude with Nudist Friends, live a little and get naked. If nudity was fun as a kid, why shouldn’t it be as an adult?

Some things never change. I believe that love for nudity is one of those things.

Just Be Nude

Why is nudity better than clothes for staying active? Because we were made for it. Our bodies are built to be active. We are built to run and jump and swim. Our skin is made to breathe and keep our muscles cool so we can go longer and farther than any other species on the planet. With effort and challenge we get better, stronger. The only thing holding us back is ourselves.

Yes, doing things nude is weird the first time. So is everything else. We’ve grown accustomed to what feels right and changing that can be awkward. But like the first time at a club or resort, the novelty wears off. What doesn’t is the feeling that everything is easier and more fluid. That’s because this is how we are suppose to be. Everyday more and more people are figuring that out.

Nude yoga, Pilates, and weightlifting classes are already being offered to the mainstream outside of nudist venues. This is not too surprising because these activities focus on form as part of the basis for achievement. Nudity is safer in these activities because it’s easier to identify poor form and prevent it from causing long lasting injuries.

But there are other sports and activities that benefit from nudity such as running, biking, and hiking. In fact, most outdoor activities can be done nude. Naked with Nudist Friends is the most happiness things.

Clothing makes things complicated from getting the right compression shorts to the right bra. It’s all uselessly droll and gets put in the corner after a while. We can’t do that with our skin.

Life is active enough. Fortunately, we’re made for it. We are all active naturists.
Meet local nudists on the Nudist Dating Site.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Live How You Want - Be nude

There’s no point in not.

Despite beliefs and what tradition dictates, we are here right now and in command of our lives. Tomorrow doesn’t matter and the past is gone. What we do right now matters and we should be doing things that are important to us.

Sure, there are a lot of reasons to not do something. For the scope of this blog let’s keep it to nudity. If you are a nudist and want to live as nude as possible, why are you not doing it?

Afraid of family rejection? Friends leaving? Of losing a job? Don’t worry about that! Chances are, once you start working towards a nude life, you’ll find the worries you had weren’t nearly as bad as you thought. Families are supportive, at least the functional ones are. Friends will understand. Will some leave? Maybe, but that’s okay, there are many nudist friends who are happy to step up and catch you. If job security is a worry, then you have a better understanding your limits. That’s good too.


If you want to make nudity a part of your life don’t wait, start planning now. Start experimenting and trying out different things like sleeping nude, working around the house, talking to family and friends, and doing research.You will make your life better just by doing that.

Life is better when you live it how you want. If nudity is for you, then go for it! Meet local nudists on the nudist dating site.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Home Safety.

If a nudist doesn’t feel safe or secure to be nude in their house it causes a rift in the family or roommates. It’s not intentional or planned, it just happens. Some people need space to be who they are. How can we deny ourselves?

For most, nudism is an option and doesn’t matter. They might not always get undressed when they arrive home, they might sleep with a shirt. Occasionally the stars will align and they’ll feel it’s okay to go nude. That’s perfectly natural.

On the other hand some people can’t help being nudists. It goes beyond merely enjoying the lifestyle. It’s a way of living life. Clothing is an option. It can’t be suppressed nor repressed. This is also normal.

Repression means that whatever is denied may be released in negative ways. Ways that reinforce the idea that there’s something wrong with nudity. It only makes a nudist feel shame and confusion and sours others opinions.

Really, there’s nothing wrong with nudism. Being nude may feel weird at first, but it’s amazing how fast we adapt.

We are all born nude and should be comfortable seeing ourselves as we are. Isn’t it a little strange that it seems we hate looking at our bodies outside of a fantasy ideal?

That’s why it’s important to talk about nudity and share it with our NUDIST FRIENDS. So we can feel safe while practicing it in our homes and with people we trust. In return, we can be honest and open with others. We have an outlet to be ourselves and enjoy life as we feel it should be.

Be a home of dynamic growth that allows and accepts different ways of thinking and seeing things. Open up to the endless ideas and possibilities the world has in store. Meet the other nudists on the nudist dating site.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Nudist Tourists

One of the best ways to promote the acceptance of nudity is to support nude-friendly economies. Take a nude vacation to a resort, club, spa or other nude-friendly business.

If distance is a problem, see what a local club is planning or visit a resort nearby for a short vacation.

Many clubs will rent a bowling alley, roller skate rink, or other entertainment spot for clean nude fun.

If someone happens to be traveling and doesn’t know if there are nude resorts, events, or clubs nearby, just ask the members on the nudist dating site. Hotel concierges are more than willing to help find one to the best of their ability. Even if nothing turns up, it still shows interest.

Interest is big where business are concerned. If people are willing to spend money, and it’s viable, it will likely happen.

Who knows, someday we won’t even need to pack clothes!

In the end, don’t forget to tell your nudist friends where you’re going. They may want to join!