Monday, February 29, 2016

Being True - being nudist.

It’s hard to be honest with oneself. There are many things people won’t admit to even though they’ve known, on some level, for years. It might be because whatever “it” is, is counter-culture and they are not okay with it, they have taken a stance against it in the past and don’t want to be labeled a hypocrite, or maybe they’re just stubborn.

But denying the truth can be damaging to self and to others.

If nudism has taught me anything, it’s not to deny myself the truth about what I’m feeling. Whether it’s that little voice in the back of my head or a gut feeling, I listen and acknowledge. The faster I can, the happier I am (despite some possible bad feelings) and the better I work with others.

However, that’s much easier said than done and some people never master it. Having an open mind and a welcoming support group of friends and/or family helps.

As a nudist, be true to yourself, no matter what. The most happiness thing for nudists is naked with our NUDIST FRIENDS.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Polite Nudity.

Polite society requires us to respectful of other people and their values. When visiting a nudist or clothing optional place, please be considerate of the people around you by removing your clothing.

If someone refuses to get undressed at a nudist locale, it might be that they are there for the wrong reasons. That is not what social nudism/naturism is about and creates an unsafe atmosphere for all.

Social Nudism/naturism is about connecting with people on a level unobtainable when clothes are worn. It is about accepting yourself and others for who they are, not appearances and status. Many people do not understand this, but that is okay. Everyone has a right to their thoughts and feelings.

Please be polite and considerate when visiting a nudist place by removing your clothing. Remember, we nudists get dressed when clothing is required of us. We expect the same in return. This is the polite for our NUDIST FRIENDS.

When and where else is it polite to be nude?

Friday, February 26, 2016

Free to laugh.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life that we forget it’s not always serious. We need some time to cut loose and unwind. A moment to recharge and step away.

We need to take time to laugh. Laughing with our NUDIST FRIENDS.

Laughing is fun. It’s healthy. It’s how we deal best with stress and anxiety. There are so many positive things that science has found that come from laughing. Everything from flushing harmful chemicals to releasing tension in muscles.

Nudity shares many of the same benefits with laughing. Most people have discovered that nudity, especially social nudity, creates an environment of ease where they can be themselves with the support of others. There is no pretension and no judgement. With these freedoms it’s no wonder laughing is a common part of the scene. One would be hard pressed to find a nudist group frowny faces. I know I haven’t seen it.

Take a break from the daily grind, get rid of your clothes, and feel free to have a good laugh.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Help Up -- Becoming a nudist.

Naturists are naturally inclined to be helpful. It’s not because of some special oath or teaching. It’s because we understand the benefits.

The biggest key factor is the honesty that comes from being socially nude. It creates a shared connection that makes it easier to associate and work with others. It’s not kumbaya or hand holding by any means. It’s that reliance and trust shared by good friends who have shared experiences and a history.

Even without the social element, naturism helps people deal with a number of personal problems like body anxiety, poor body image, poor self image, and mild depression. It can relieve stress, tension, and may even help us relax.

Thanks to nature wanting us to enjoy the small things in life, when we take off our clothing we give our skin a chance to breath and our brains release endorphins (the feel good hormone). That image we’ve built up in our head that makes us think we’re too fat, to thin, to weird/wrong/ugly or whatever vanishes.

Being nude helps us feel great about ourselves and overcome many hangups of society. When we are socially nude, we want to help other NUDIST FRIENDS achieve that same state because deep down, we understand that it’s better to help each other than not.

Let’s help each other to make this world a better place for all.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lifetime Journey.

From birth to death we have the potential to live nude. To live our authentic lives as we were meant to. Not everyone takes the opportunity, but many do.

Even though we are born naked, to live as a nudist or naturist is a choice. It is a preference to go to nude beaches, to attend social nudist gatherings with NUDIST FRIENDS, and to be nude around the house. It can be a way of life that influences who we associate with and how we live.

For others it is a path they can’t ignore. They wear clothing for the sake of society, but deep down would rather not. They question why clothing is necessary and what is so bad about our bodies that they should be covered. It shows up in everything they do.

We will never be done exploring who we are or what we can do. Nudity gives us an advantage by allowing us to see ourselves as we are. Either reflected by those around us or from within, nudity will always be here. Our bodies will carry us through life.

It’s up to us to choose how we live and how our self affects our journey.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Natural Shopping.

Allowing people to shop in the nude is a no-brainer. First of all, they’re probably already doing so online. I mean, what nudist hasn’t?

Second, with grocery shopping becoming easier to do online, it’s only a matter of time before stores either step up or close down. (Look at video game and book stores.)

Shopping is a fact of life. Be it for household items, food, toys, renovations, whatever, we all need stuff to get by in this life. So if we’re going to do it, we might as well be comfortable.

If nudity is comfortable or our preferred way of living then what’s holding us back? Old sanitary laws that weren’t written for today’s standard of health? Society’s prejudice? Get over it! Unless someone fixates on it, it’ll be a non-issue in about ten minutes (the average time it takes for people to get used to social nudity).

If people are allowed to shop in ways that make them happier then let them. It can mean increased sales, less shoplifting (where would we hide anything?) and more connection to the local community.

Nudism is a social function. Getting together and sharing time is what nudists do. We are a community and it’s always beneficial to support the local community.

Shopping is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Shopping as the nudist dating. Not when we can be comfortable.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Naturist Life

There are countless reasons why we should live as naturists. They all boil down to one simple fact: This is who we are.

Everything about who we are is expressed by us: our likes, our sadness, our happiness, fear, wants, dreams, all of it comes from the same place.

No one can actually tell us who we are. Nothing can dictate how we live, what we want, how to feel, it’s all a series of choices and decisions. There are people and companies that want to tell us what to do, some are very good at influencing us, but it is still on us.

Those decisions are made easier when we remove the distractions and the encumbrances. It keeps it simple and to the minimum. What we need to live, to survive, to be happy with our lives and who we are might seem unattainable, but when we understand ourselves, it removes a lot of the guess work.

We live nude is because it feels great and reminds us of who we are. Naked with nudist friends, your couple. That our lives are meaningful and full. No matter what might be happening outside, we are still alive, we are still here and that’s what’s important.

Embrace Naturism and see how life was meant to be.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Life's Moments

A lot goes into a moment, but we miss a piece of it when we wear clothes. Clothing dulls our senses to what’s around us. They keep us from experiencing all there is to feel.

Enjoying moments without clothes opens us up to a new world of sense and feeling. Enjoy naked with nudist friends. Many call this “getting in touch with nature.” It’s true but it also applies to every moment of life too.

Think of how great it is to feel the sun as we relax on a beach. How connected we are with others while hanging out at a gathering. How cozy it is to enjoy a warm drink on a cold day. Even hiking becomes a whole new adventure.

These feelings, and so much more, are why people get into naturism and nudism. We realize there can be more to moments than what we know.

Why miss out? We are meant to enjoy life, not pass through it with dulled senses. This is who we are and how we were meant to live.

Life’s moments become a lot better when we experience them as we were meant to.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Find nudist girlfriend/boyfriend.

We are often asked “How do I find a nudist girlfriend/boyfriend?” The answer we give is always the same; and based on decades of observation.

The vast majority of nudists are either in a committed relationship or are not interested in finding a relationship when they go to a nudist event. Nudist events are for relaxing and having fun, not for searching out mates.

So, how are there nudist couples? Typically there are three scenarios:

1) Two non-nudists meet and get together. They may or may not marry. Later, one of the two discovers nudism and becomes a nudist. Over time (sometimes short, sometimes a very long time) their partner opens up to the idea and joins them at nudist events. They may or may not become a full-fledged nudist, but they will at least attend nudist events with their partner.

2) A nudist meets a non-nudist and they get together. They may or may not marry. The nudist explains what nudism means to their non-nudist partner during the early “get to know each other” phase. Over time (sometimes short, sometimes a very long time) the non-nudist opens up to the idea and joins them at nudist events. They may or may not become a full-fledged nudist, but they will at least attend nudist events with their partner.

3) Two nudists meet and get together. They may or may not marry. Oftentimes they don’t know the other is a nudist until the “get to know each other” phase. Once they realize the other is a nudist, they live a happy nudist lifestyle.
4) Nudist site is also a effective way to find your nudist partner.

Note that #3 is very rare; but it’s not as rare as finding a nudist mate at a nudist event. In 35 years of being a nudist, I’ve never known anyone who has fallen into this category. Every one of my couple nudist friends, and myself included, fall into situation #2.

So, what advice do I give to anyone who asks how they can find a nudist girlfriend or boyfriend? I tell them to find a girlfriend or boyfriend and introduce them to nudism. That, by far, is the most common and most fulfilling route.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Clothing Freedom

To understand what clothing freedom means, we would have to ask someone that has never had it! Otherwise, situations where clothing freedom is possible, even as an experiment, must be permitted in order toactually experience what it is first-hand, for ourselves. Nudist resorts and clothing-optional beaches do that, but there are also other situations when simple nudity may be permitted if everyone around agrees and the intention is NOT to sexually arouse, shock or surprise anyone (legally; lawful behavior). Simply being naked should not be shocking, but we must express that desire - in writing or in our speech - for the world to understand that. Naked selfies *should be* decriminalized in all cases, but if these are taken they should only be shared in TRUST and with the full knowledge, approval and consent of those involved (both the subject and any recipient must agree to not share them beyond a one-to-one basis).


If you have a desire to be naked in practically any situation, talk to the person you are with and explain that feeling to them. If multiple people are present, of course the social pressure increases exponentially, but as a bold and assertive personality it may still be possible! Just choose the words used to describe the desire carefully and refrain from any behavior anyone could consider “explicit” (adult; sexual) in nature. Is “flashing” explicit? Yes. So this cannot be flashing someone for a brief instant or even a few minutes; it must be an example of “nude is normal” or “normalizing nudity” in practice. If all around approve, then get nude and stay nude for a half-hour, hour or more with nudist friends! We cannot understand the diversity of human opinion and desires on nudity without experimentation, exploration, growth and(kind, thoughtful) appreciation.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Still a Nudist.

Sometimes non nudists will claim casual nudity is really a fetish when nudists choose to stay dressed. Sometimes their jibes can be taken as a joke, but more often than not it means the person is uncomfortable with nudity themselves. If the person making the accusation has been okay with nudity in the past, it’s worth talking to them. It’s our thinking and how we see ourselves that determines if we are a nudist or not.

New nudists might worry that they aren’t nude enough to be a nudist. There’s no quota to achieve or maintain the level of “nudist.” What makes the difference is that we feel a need to be nude or don’t care if we are dressed or not. That life isn’t right if we aren’t nude for at least some of it.

Others may feel they have to prove they’re a nudist. This is another lie we might tell ourselves. Nudist friends don’t have to prove they like nudity. They might feel like they are faking it or giving up if they can’t be nude but that’s not right. They tend to overcorrect and force being nude whenever possible. It could also be that they are making up for supposed lost time. Maybe it’s in the same vein as the non-nudist in that they are not entirely comfortable with nudity and are forcing themselves to accept it. Not everyone is a nudist and it’s okay. We all have our levels and tolerances.

No one besides ourselves can tell us if we are a nudist or not. It’s always our choice of when and how to be nude. We accept ourselves as nudists even when are dressed. No one should feel forced or pressured into it or like they have to prove it.

We are still nudists. Even if we aren’t nude all of the time.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Life Centered.

Nudism can center our life. Be nude with nudist friends. It naturally calms us and helps us focus on what’s important. It allows us to work well with others and build strong communities.

If we can’t be centered, then nothing else about our lives will be centered. Confucius wrote that a stable community is seated in a stable house and self. Nudity centers us by removing the things that would distract us. Without these distractions we can see what our priorities and goals are.

Distractions nudists don’t normally have to deal with are hang ups like low self-image or other body issues that come with a society that’s obsessed with appearances. We can more clearly see what’s important in life and what we can do to keep on track.

When we are stable and centered in our own lives with our priorities in balance and focused we can be more proactive in our community. It isn’t only limited to our neighborhood community but also our work and nudist communities. In nudist communities it may allow for more volunteering options or other work to help support the movement. It could be increased confidence to share nudity with others. It all comes from a place of being centered with ourselves.

It’s worth understanding why nudity is a part of our lives and how it helps us. How does nudity center us and make our lives better? What is it that you get from living a nude life?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Increase Your Nudists Level!

Increase Your Nudists Level!

Games and nudity are two great things that go great together. No question about it. Nudity enhances the gaming experience and playing games nude increases our experience as a nudist/naturist.

Games are suppose to challenge us and get us thinking. They are there to help us focus our thoughts and work out our problems in non-destructive ways. (Unless we rage quit because that one level was totally BS.) When we play games nude it helps increase our nudist/naturist level because it makes nudism more a part of normal life.
  Nudity helps our gameplay by increasing our immersion. Without being constantly pulled out of games by itchy clothing we can become more fully engaged. It can become a form of meditation that keeps our brains active and alert. 

Above all, gaming brings us together and strengthens the nudist/naturist community. It can certainly help home nudists be more social. The more nudist friends we bring together, the more resources we have for expanding the movement.

Increase your nudist/naturist experience by playing nude or hosting a nude game night (Nudist dating). No question about it. Time to level up.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The future is nude.

As nudists, we make the future how we want it. It' s entirely possible. Life is always changing and it’s up to us to direct it or it will direct us. It' s not always easy, but then, what good things are?

We can' t make our future nude if we don' t accept it ourselves. If we refuse to go nude when we can or won’t share nudity with those we trust, then it will never happen. Picture a life where we don' t have to get dressed. Where our closets are bare and people can' t imagine us in clothes.

The key is to create opportunities to be nude and allow others to join us. One good way is to open our house to nudist dating. Soon it becomes a tradition and accepted as normal. Nude beaches got started because someone found an empty beach and invited their nudist friends.

Nudity is not going away. It is not a manufactured fad or craze, it will always be an aspect of life. The question we have to ask ourselves is, how much of our life will be spent living it the way we want? Look to a future where nudity is common because we made it that way.

The decision is up to us. My future is nude. Is yours?