Sunday, January 31, 2016


Nudism (a.k.a. social nudity, or “simple nudity”) is definitely a process of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-affirmation for many. If a person spent the first ten, fifteen or twenty years of life “mostly clothed”, then usually they will be most comfortable with what was most common. For instance, join the nudist dating.

Social nudity is more about what a person wants, rather than what they need. Or can I instead write, what society wants RATHER than simply what it needs. We NEED food, jobs, clean water, housing and all that, but I think what we WANT is more safety, less violence, more peace and greater acceptance of all things human! I am not meaning to imply social nudity CAN do all that, but the practices of it are quite “disarming”, redefining, and leveling for people; in that it challenges us to be better versions of ourselves. More accepting, more respectful, gracious, not sexist and to appreciate our shared vulnerability and universal human desire to evolve!

Open nudity is a step by step process, and once you get comfortable staying nude for 15 minutes after a shower, then try 30 minutes of chores around the home, or 60 minutes of studying and homework; each of these simple tasks done without clothing challenge a person to be more “in touch” with themselves. Then you can try to naked with your nudist friends. Redefining what it means to be comfortable as a human being, gradually, purposefully. Nakedly.

This is what I mean by consciously wanting to do something of your own choosing to make life feel better, than (actually) needing to do something. Social nudity is a voluntary choice, not a mandatory requirement of life.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Naturism as a way of living

Naturism as a Way of Living: I think all of humanity has an inherent “inner light” and beauty intentionally hidden from us a long time ago. There was a purpose to that act, a reasoning that is hard to deny, and it has taken centuries ~ or possibly Eons ~ to even begin uncovering our true, awesome selves once again! We have done it now. We have done it today! Last week, last month and last year!

The first thing we notice about nudists is the softness of our skin, the "uniformity"  from head to toes. The next thing we might notice are their smiles, and smiling more when we are nude is perfectly natural. There are not as many of us openly doing this, going nude that is, yet, but there are a few who have realized a new value in doing it, a new sense of purpose to life that is made more appreciable BY revealing ourselves. Reveling in the goodness of simple, free existence. Some people choose to reveal themselves in smaller groups and only to each other at first; inside private parks, clubs and resorts surrounded by fencing, shrubs and trees. Other people are choosing to join free bicycle rides in cities all around the world, or by joining tens of thousands of others in the middle of the widest, more open place imaginable - a desert in Nevada.

And lastly, some people have made a choice to reveal themselves in print or photographs carefully shared through magazines and websites, and this is amazingly beautiful as well! I have to believe there is a unifying purpose to all of this, and it is not something we thought of solely on our own! Take part in the nudist dating. I believe there was a bit of divine inspiration, a spark or glimmer of light, love and kindness deep within our souls, and this is something we have always carried with us! Denied for a time, certainly, but it has always been present - nonetheless.

It is your soul and it wants to be seen, it wants to be free - and loved.

Enjoy the nude life with your nudist friends. Join us.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nude Example.

Be the first one nude. If there’s a sign posted, then we have a right, no, an obligation as nudists and naturists to practice our right and freedom to be nude.

Seriously, if we like being nude and there’s an option, take it and don’t back down. We’re nudists and need to stand up for what we believe in. If we don’t then we might not get the option again.

Chances are there are others there who want to be nude too. Many people don’t want to feel like the only one or singled out. They may hold back and never get nude. It’s a waste. Overcome fear and break free.

There are countless stories of people coming up to others and thanking them for getting nude first or making it “okay” for them to be nude. Most of the time they will say they were too embarrassed or were waiting for someone else. There are many nudist friends who want to live nude, but only a few actually go through with it.

Follow what you believe. It shouldn’t matter what other people think. If we know it to be good and others aren’t doing it, let’s be the first. If it feels right and isn’t hurting anyone or ourselves, who’s to complain?

Be the example that others want to follow.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Stress Relief - Be Nude

Getting nude is a natural way to relieve stress. When our skin is free to breath it releases endorphins that help us feel better. If we’re outside it helps convert vitamin D so our bodies can heal and keep us healthy. In general, it keeps clothing from distracting us and lifts us up.

It only makes sense. We’re nudists! It’s our preferred state of being. It’s what naturally relaxes us. How would getting dressed help?

I guess nudists struggling to come to terms that they are nudists could stress about getting dressed. Of course the outcome is the same, our bodies are irresistible and will win out in the end. They always do. It’s up to us to listen to and accept what they are telling us. It can sometimes be the key to finding out why we’re stressed.
When the world is closing in, and all looks helpless, and the solution seems to be impossible, why not face it when we are the most confident? It’s not the solution to the problem but it’s a tool we can use to overcome it.
Nudist friends gather together to swim, hiking, nudist dating, camp, game, etc. Find the nearby nudists then you can know more new nudist friends. Share the naturist life story each other.

Stay undressed and beat the stress.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why nudity?

Simple, because all at once it is disarming and reassuring! It requires people to let their guard down, invites daily disguises we use to be set aside, and allows the guest to demonstrate a level of commitment to several things.

Commitments of the new nudists:

1. Trust: Some has been offered to you and in kind you are returning this trust (or faith and confidence in the host). The place they have should be a safe, secure, warm (literally) and friendly environment.

2. Understanding: Social nudism usually requires the participant to understand a bit about clothing-optional recreation, how nudity can be permitted in a non-sexual context, and that a unvoiced mutual agreement exists to show respect for other nudists and receive it as a nudist.
3. Enjoy how it feels because it feels really great! Of course, this idea probably already crossed the mind of the first time social nudist because they read positive things about it, experienced it at home after showering and consciously deciding to remain undressed for awhile, or by sleeping without clothes at night.

4. Embracing humanity: Social nudity allows each person to fully embrace what they are as a human being, to experience the full range of sensations a body is capable of feeling (all of the body, all of the sensations) and it conveys the dual messages of: 'I want to be completely comfortable, at ease and enjoy my body’ along with ‘I hope you will be completely comfortable, at ease and enjoy your body’.

(it quite literally embodies the yin-yang of our existence in the flesh)

5. Amazing companionship: Bring nudist friends! Take part in a nudist dating. It is one way to feel at the same time “safer” and more “daring” if you do a clothing-optional event with someone you know. It might surprise and amaze them to learn something new about you while also encouraging them to “push their personal boundaries” a bit further too!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Be nude- What nudists activities?

There is a misconception perpetuated by the porn industry that nudists get together to have sex. But that’s not true. Nudists get together for house parties, cookouts, volleyball, swimming, hiking, camping, bowling, billiards, watching movies, reading, playing card games, nude flying, and on, and on with your nudist friends. But we don’t get together for sex.

Nudists go without clothes because we are more comfortable physically with having no restraints of clothing on our skin. And we’re more comfortable psychologically with who we are as people. We accept others for who they are, not for what they look like.

Nudist dating
is not sexual. Sure, people can have sex while nude, but they can also have it while clothed. It doesn’t make them nudists.

But that’s such a limited view of what we can do nude. Virtually every outdoor activity can be done without clothing. Most projects around the home can be done nude. Even hanging out with friends nude is no different than hanging out with clothes on.
nudity is natural. It’s healthy to be nude in private and with others (Yes, nudists have a sense of privacy.). Not everyone wants to be nude, but that’s okay. Nudists also aren’t known for judging others.
Go natural, be yourself.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nude life- The people who play online game with you maybe a nudist.

You never know who’ s at the other end of the online game you’ re playing.  With so many people who enjoy being nude in their own homes, it’s likely that you’ve played against or with a social nudist or a home nudist at some point.

A social nudist is someone who is comfortable being nude around others and attends nudist resorts, events, cruises, or house parties and enjoys the comfort and freedom that non-sexual social nudity provides. A home nudist is someone who enjoys being nude at home, either alone or with family.

Despite what the porn industry is selling, nudists don’ t get together for sex or to see each other naked. Like the guys in this photo, they just are more comfortable nude.

Nudists is natural. We all start out that way. If it wasn’t for the invention of clothing, we’d still be nude and probably doing the same stuff we’ve always done. There’s nothing to get excited about. All the fear and anxiety about who we are is overblown. When we’re nude we become so much more.

Sometimes you just want to take off your clothes because you are more comfortable that way. Whether it’s swimming, hiking, gardening, doing housework, sleeping, nudist dating, just sitting around watching TV, or surfing the web, you just feel more comfortable doing it without clothes.

If you’re interested in the comfort, freedom, and acceptance that nudism provides, try nude gaming as a start. After a while you’ll forget that you are nude and will just be more comfortable playing nude.  Use that as a stepping stone into a new world of fun, nudist friends, and acceptance.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The way to adapt nudism -Naked painting

People in the U.S. have a fascination with nudity in public. It is generally taboo in our society, so people think of it as something "wild" and " crazy" .  But there is also a stigma attached to women being nude in public.  If a woman is nude in front of others, she is considered to be promiscuous.  But nudists know that's not necessarily the case.

Some women are curious about being nude in public.  Sometimes it begins as exhibitionism.  Sometimes they are just fascinated with the idea of being so free and open that they can be nude in front of others, especially in public.  For some, being covered in body paint gives them a sense of being "hidden".  It' s like being clothed and nude at the same time.  Often the experience leads toward a curiosity to leave even the body paint behind and try social nudism.

But nudists don' t always leave the body paint behind!  We have body painting contests and do body painting for fun.  Without the anxiousness of being nude in front of each other, we are free to use the body as a canvas to make some wonderful artwork. And since each body is different, each canvas is entirely unique!

If you are curious about nudism, but aren' t sure about shedding it all, look for body painting contests or exhibitions in your area. Volunteer to be a topless or nude model.  The experience will be exhilarating and freeing!  Once you’ve been painted nude or topless in front of others, you won' t have a problem going to a nudist dating or nude beach with the nudist friends. That' s where the fun really begins!  Nudism will open up a whole new life of being free and open to be nude in front of others and to judge, and be judged, based on your personality instead of what you are wearing.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Invite your friends to be nudist.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you’ve been interested in nudism but your friends or significant other isn’t comfortable going nude, then go to an area that is clothing optional. You can be nude while your friend(s) or significant other can remain clothed. They may want to join you, or they might just support you. Rarely would a friend shun you for wanting to try nudism - or when you become nudists!

Believe it or not, there are many couples where the woman is a naturist while her boyfriend/husband is not. With understanding and trust, she is able to attend her naturist events and have naturist friends even when he doesn’t participate.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Your true friends will understand and support you - even if they don’t join you. Once you are comfortable being nude around your friends, you’ll be more comfortable giving a local club or resort a try.

The nudist dating site can help you quickly find nearby nudist friends. Many friends have found their nudist partner on the site. 

Though the site you can See other nudist friends share photos, blog, life experiences, naturist life story etc. Of course you can share these pics to you friends, they may be interested in.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Straighten your attitude to nude women

Nudists don't "expose themselves"  to people who aren' t nudists. I have many friends and family members who are not comfortable with nudity. They do not see me naked - if they come to my home I wear clothes. When I leave my home, I cover myself, because that is what society expects me to do.

So nobody sees me naked except for other nudists on the nudist dating.

If you go to a nudist place you go there understanding you will see naked people. If you do not want to see naked people, don't go there.

Your comments about rape frighten me. If you say a person brings about their own rape because of what they wear (or don' t wear) and that the rapist is not responsible, you are sick.

If someone rapes another person, the rapist is the only one who is responsible. They are the one who decided to commit rape. Their victim is not to blame. Ever.

If you are saying to me that if you saw a woman naked, you would feel you have no choice but to rape her, then you are basically admitting you are a rapist.

You need to get help for this, you need to stay away from women before you hurt someone and you need especially to stay away from me and my nudist friends.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nudists need handle the relationship with your partner

Many couples practice nudism together. However, there are couples where one member is nudists but the other is reluctant (or outright hostile) to the idea.

Time and again, the best course of action has been to be honest and open about your desire to be a nudist. Over time, your partner will agree to your participation. You should never hide or lie about attending nudist events, and don’t ever ask a resort or club to “cover for you”. Not only is it rude, but no one wants to be involved in your lie to your significant other.

Don’t force the issue with your reluctant spouse or significant other. The worst thing you could do is to try to “persuade” him/her to join you. Remember that their reluctance is probably based on fear. Logic won’t work, so don’t try to argue them to a nudist event with you. It only pushes them farther away from accepting it and causes them to build up a wall against it.

Be available to answer questions and concerns without telling them they “should go with you to find out”. Answer their questions openly and honestly. Leave nudist magazines where they can peruse them when you are away and they can feel comfortable that you won’t see them and grill them about the subject. Over time, they will read the articles and see the pictures and become more comfortable with the idea.

At some point, probably to your great surprise, they will suggest they join you at a nudist dating. Realize this is them cracking the door open a tiny bit to try to understand it and experience it a little. Don’t take this as them throwing the door wide open for you to drag them into a full-fledged nudist lifestyle. You should be happy that they are willing to join you, but temper your enthusiasm.

Time and again, the three things that win over a reluctant significant other are honesty, patience, and understanding.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Open-Mind Nudity.

There are many ways nudity opens our minds. I think for some people it can be a cultural awakening. For others, it' s experiencing the world as they never had. And there are those who find they focus better without distraction. Whatever the reason, nudity opens our minds and allows us to peer deeper into ourselves and what’s around us.

Many believe that nudism and naturism are taboo and shouldn’t exist (as if we can make our bodies disappear and still live our lives). They see nude resorts and clubs as dens of perversion and villainy. Some are more subdued in their views, but no less set in their stance about the pitfalls.

The common aspect of the pessimistic view is that it disappears when met with reality. People usually find nudist culture as open and accepting. Nothing at all like what they once believed.

Another benefit of nudity is that it activates new pathways in our brains. Instead of the same clothed-signal our brain gets from our skin, nudity gives our brain a whole new range of feelings to understand and classify.

"Getting in touch with Nature"  is the right saying for this experience. When we are suddenly aware of all the areas of our bodies, we are better able to connect with both the outside and inside.

For many, the reason for nudity comes down to focus. Getting out of our clothes puts us in a calm and collected state of mind. The outside world is over there in a heap, not clinging to us. We can begin work. Join the nudist dating.
Nudity clears our thoughts. Instead of thinking about that annoying shirt tag and still not doing anything about it because (name an excuse). We can finally remove that nuisance, and many others, to get down to business. No distractions.

The last of this list is that nudity can open up our mind to new ideas and people. When we are nude around others, we can learn more about them than drawing our own conclusions based on what they’re wearing.

Nudists opens our minds in ways we can' t believe or imagine. For many going nude is impossible, yet we do it everyday.

If we can do that "impossibility" what else can we do?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Just be nude now

10 Reasons You Should Go Naked NOW

Nudists is natural. We were born that way and as much as possible, we should roam that way. If you live in a northern climate you only get 3 months per year but if you are in the southern region of the United States, your naked time increases. Take advantage of it. Here are 10 reasons why you should go naked right now.

1. Naked People Have More Fun

Seriously, folks, can you really have a bad time when voluntarily nude? No. The more you are naked the more you will be comfortable with your own body. the more you will know your own body. The psychological benefits of living in the nude are enormous.

2. Clothes

This might sound backwards but by increasing skin time you increase the fun of clothes time. It won’t be about hiding bad feature on your body, rather, celebrating the features on your body. It’s not about fitting into the latest style, it’s about enhancing the style that is unique to you.

3. Penis Size, Breast Size

Males worry about the size of their penises. If you think Aboriginal tribes men walk around worrying about the size of their penises, you are wrong. Women worry about the size of their milk sacs. If you think Aboriginal women walk around worrying about the size of their breasts, you are wrong. These mentalities are a cancer perpetuated by a marketing culture that profits from insecurities. Your penis is awesome. Your boobs are great. Start showing it off.

4. You will be healthier

Mentally for sure you will be healthier. But the benefits of being physically aware of all aspects of your body should not be lost. I often get a belly. And my ass can balloon to sizes unfitting for my form. By going nude more often, I will notice this before I have to watch a Richard Simmon’s month long marathon. Yes, I like to sweat to the oldies…but not because I HAVE to.

5. Vitamin D

More than anything else humans are seriously lacking in the amount of Vitamin D our bodies need. We our outdoor creatures, yet spend most of it indoors. We are naked beings, yet spend the little bit of outside time clothed. Take advantage of the sun and your skin and cut down on the vitamin D pills.


Living in Brazil, I know somebody who actually grew up in the Amazon Rain Forest. His land was taken over by business men of some type and he was displaced. I’ve never seen him wear shoes. I’ve seen him kick broken glass bottles out of his way on the street. His feet seem more flat and much tougher. This is how we should be and we would be healthier for it. Barefoot running helps to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s in adults. Barefoot walking or running helps in vital stimulation of our brain. The stimulation, which is created in the sole of the foot encourages our brain to boost more neuron connections. It also helps to increase brain flexibility.

7. Be A Kid Again 

My toddler loves to be nude. She loves to play in the sand nude. She loves to fart my my face, while nude. She just loves to be naked. It breaks my heart to think that soon she will have to cover her nipples because women’s bodies have been exploited as digitized sex toys. The #freethenipple campaign is real and let’s hope women’s nipples can be free again.

8. Improve Fertility

Many men might be afraid of improved fertility but it is indicative of overall health. Wearing underwear and jeans can reduce sperm count and lead to other issues by killing nerve receptors.

9. Be Your Own Club

You don’t have to joint a nudist dating. You don’t have to engage in sex orgy’s. You don’t even have to be a hippy. Nudity is not weird. I love clothes. I like privacy. But I also like the option of saying, “Not today!” Start walking around nude and maybe your partner will join in on the fun. And yes, It will lead to more fun.

10. It’s not Perverted

Perversion happens as a result of wearing clothes. Because we don’t see the naked bodies of others, when we do it triggers sexual appetites. If nudity, such as women’s nipples, were more common it would be no big deal. Nudity is the opposite of perversion. It is only through a truly twisted society that the opposite it true.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Finding Balance. For nudist.

Finding Balance.

Many people find themselves struggling to find a balance between their personal lives and nudity. They struggle with their natural and healthy motivation to be nude, and their need to live up to social convention, whatever it may be.


Do what you love and what makes you happy. There is always a way to enjoy something you love and are passionate about.

Can’t be nude at home, make nudist friends or go to club meetings. (The same advice works if you want to be nude more than just around the house.)

Want to be nude with friends, but those friends aren’t into nudism? Talk with them about it. Maybe they don’t want to get nude but don’t care if you are. If all else fails, create a new circle of friends. The need rarely goes away.

One of the primary goals of nudism is finding and accepting ourselves. We don’t need to walk on a highwire all our lives. That’s not a healthy way to live and we know it. Above be open about yourself with yourself. It takes courage that can be very difficult for some. The rewards and a happy life are worth it.

Stop the act. Be yourself. Find balance.  

Friday, January 8, 2016

East German nudists let it all hang out

"It has nothing to do with sex," insisted Udo Schumacher, 64, as he stood, stark naked, on a beautiful but bracing beach in Prerow in what was once Communist East Germany.

"If you go in and experience how lovely it is to swim with a naked body, and come out without wet trunks on, you feel healthy. And if you can get over the fact that you are naked, it is great," he told AFP back in August.

"Freikoerperkultur" ("free body culture"), or FKK for short, was hugely popular in the otherwise highly restrictive German Democratic Republic (GDR), much more so than in West Germany.

And 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall this November 9, the habit is still going strong, and has even attracted a loyal band of followers from what was West Germany to the beaches of the east.

With life so tightly controlled in other ways - no freedom of speech, little freedom to travel, the Stasi secret police spying on citizens - FKK was a rare liberty of which people made full use in the GDR.

"It was one of the few liberties," said Schumacher, who is from Dortmund in the west. "I get the feeling that people in the GDR said to the authorities, 'Don't take this away from us as well'."

Nowhere was this more evident than here in Prerow, a picturesque seaside town 300 kilometres (190 miles) north of Berlin, with its long, pristine beaches, sand dunes and crystal-clear, if chilly, water.

Here in GDR times, 2,500 border guards, 70 watch towers, searchlights, barbed wire, boats and radar all made sure no one escaped by sea to West Germany or to Denmark, Doris Pegel, 53, curator of the local museum, said.

Sailing and even surfing were off limits. But one thing people were allowed to do in the shadow of Prerow's watchtowers, and on other beaches and lakes around the communist country, was to indulge in FKK.

And indulge they did, in huge numbers, as nudist friends flocked to the seaside in summer and gave FKK a try. In Prerow, for example, nudists created one of the GDR's first nudist campsites, where demand for pitches was massive.

When the GDR was still young, however, the Politburo saw FKK as a hangover from the Nazis and as dangerous petty bourgeois degeneracy, Josie McLellan, a modern history lecturer at Britain's University of Bristol who has researched the phenomenon, told AFP.

Such suspicions were not helped by events in Prerow, where nudists gathered on the beach and the sand dunes at night, daubing body parts with toothpaste and wearing African-style headgear for debauched "Cameroon Parties."

With the ministry of the interior calling nudism a threat to the "natural and healthy feelings of our working people", the authorities tried to stamp out FKK in the 1950s.

But many nudists were also party members, policeman and even judges, who protested that "doing FKK" and being a good communist were not mutually exclusive, and that nudists was non-sexual.

"Here, the woman is not an object of desire, she is a comrade, there is no bikini to excite you," McLellan cites one contributor to an illuminating 1966 survey of nudists as saying.

A widespread campaign of popular resistance soon made the authorities relent, and by the 1960s and 1970s onwards FKK was almost a national pastime that was even encouraged by the regime.

It became much more popular than in both Western Europe and in the rest of the Eastern bloc, with the possible exception of the beaches of Croatia in the former Yugoslavia.

This was because although nudism was tolerated, belonging to any kind of nudist organisation was banned. Such logic made FKK more popular since people could just give it a try, without having to join a club first.

As one joke put it: "What do you call a gathering of two or more GDR citizens? An illegal meeting. Or a nudist beach."

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Doris Pegel was in West Germany, and remembers phoning home in Prerow and being told that, along with everywhere else in the GDR, there were joyous scenes.

"I was told, 'They're surfing on the beach in Prerow'," Pegel said.

But of the many things to flood eastwards after German unification in 1990, one of the less welcome was a certain prudishness towards nudism on the part of the curious new "Wessi" ("Westerner") tourists.

The result was an effort to regulate the hobby more, and to demarcate beaches and lakes into FKK and clothed areas.

A look around in Prerow today shows that although the GDR is long dead, the old spirit of FKK has survived.

"Here it's all very mixed because people don't have a problem with it. It's supposed to be separated but nobody really minds," said 66-year-old nudist Inge on Prerow beach.

A naked Werner Tallen, a 60-year-old lawyer, meanwhile insisted with a smile that he travelled the 825 kilometres (510 miles) from his home in Munich "because of the Baltic, not because of FKK."

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Find nearby nudist friends

A lot of people think nothing about being nude around their own homes. They go inside after a long day at work, strip down, relax, and forget about the stresses of the world outside their front door. They cook, clean, watch TV, surf the web, and read nude. There’s nothing sexual about it. It' s just a matter of being comfortable and free of constricting clothing.

Despite the porn industry' s fantasy that nudists are all about sex, we are not. We believe that there is nothing inherently sexual about the nude human body. Sometimes you just want to take off your clothes because you are more comfortable that way. Whether it' s swimming, hiking, gardening, doing housework, sleeping, just sitting around watching TV, or surfing the web, you just feel more comfortable doing it without clothes.

If you are comfortable being nude around your home but have never tried social nudism, consider visiting a local family-friendly nudist resort and meet others who feel the same way. Nudist dating site will give you the perfect solution. This is a very natural phenomenon, Don't know where to find the nudist friends at first, From now on there are 700000+ members all over the world, so many members then you will be easy to find nearby nudist friends and your soulmate.

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