Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nudist Family Tradition

What a wonderful tradition brunch is. Best shared with Nudist Friends in the late morning hours. The meal, for those unfamiliar, usually consists of lighter fair like fresh fruit, eggs, juice, and coffee. The tone is much more relaxed than a formal breakfast. People usually aren’t rushing off to work or other appointments. There is time to stop and look around. Refresh after a busy week or get ready for the week to come.
Brunch with Nudist family is one of the oldest human traditions. As naturists, we know that communal nudity increases bonds and creates a general feeling of ease and relaxation. Let children grow naturally and allow them to be comfortable with their bodies. A positive healthy and connected up brining. Why aren’t more people doing this?

What better way to relax and catch up with nudist family than sharing a nude meal? Be it breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, or just casually around the house.

Be nude with your friends and family.

I consider it one of the most civilized of the meals. Not to be done on a regular basis. Sporadic at best. A great time for Nudist friends to join together and celebrate each other’s company.


  1. @ Ann why are you against having nude meals such as breakfast, lunch, dinner with nudist friends on a regular basis? what if the friends take turns at cooking the meals in their home? would you agree to attend and/or host nude meals on a regular basis? how often should the nude meals be held with nudist friends once or twice a week, month, year?

  2. @ Ann if a male nudist friend at the nude meal got an erection would it put you off attending nude meals at a nudist friend's home or you hosting nude meals in your home?

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