Thursday, December 31, 2015

The first time to join a nudist dating.

Nudist Dating is a special experience, but the feeling is different for men and women. Now I introduce the difference:

For the men:

The first man to Nudist dating often worry that if erection how to do. Nudism is not strip show, the atmosphere inside is healthy and relaxing. In case this happen, you can use towels to cover. If it is not very stiff and upright blush, just a little bigger than usual, it is a natural reaction to disregard. If you took your wife or companion together to 
Nudist Dating. Women are always more subtle, do not give her too much pressure, forced her to undress immediately. So as not to become the first to the last. She will slowly adapt to the environment, undress at the right time.

For the women:

The first time in public undressed, the face of so many people, even most of strangers. Generally (though not all) women seem more difficult than a man. Most women would be more shy, worried that without a perfect body, or the fear of being unnecessary harassment of others. After the first time to participate in activities, above all fear will disappear naturally. In the nudist community, you will see men and women, young and old, all kinds of different stature. Regardless of the large There are no large, the small There are no small, no one will mind how well u long. When everyone is naked, no reason to make u feel awkward and embarrassed of.

Nudist dating make you completely relaxed, and 
close to nature make you feel so good, naked activities, has gradually been accepted by the society. Especially in Western society, more and more women, discovered the real benefits of nudity.

Naked women, unnecessary harassment by others, may indeed occur. But whether verbally or harassment action, putting you feel uncomfortable, please tell Nudist administrator immediately. This thing will be stopped.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nudism: we want lifestyle.

We know that the first minor you undress in front of us is hard, but with the first to be put on your clothes at home may be more difficult.

People who don't participate in nudist dating will ask: Why do you like nudism? What nudism attraction? Why would someone naked in front of everybody? Often someone will ask these questions.
I always naked at home, felt very comfortable, and the family began to make open mind. Let the children know that at home we can be naked, I believe that the family can help them naked experience normal to the face naked, nude misinterpreted as not to be perverted or shame, to develop the concept of child nudity normal.

As we like to home, there is a secret backyard, I know how to make themselves quiet. If the weather permits, in the morning I would sit naked picnic table drinking coffee, take a look at the squirrel, hear the birds. Comfortable naked night I would drink a little wine in the backyard, the end of this wonderful day.

Once, in the Florida beach, I had the opportunity to lift swimsuit bondage, no outsiders only my family, I feel great. But I warn you: If you do not wear a bathing suit a swim, you'll never want to wear a swimsuit swim. Swimming naked people feel very comfortable and natural, this may be the creator let humanity really enjoy the natural way.
Shortly after, after my divorce, Me and a few female friends to the beach to play, we want to find a nude beach. The waitress told us a special and secret place. We got there feel great, the next three days we were there to play. Where the people are very polite people do not even want a little of where I never had to give excitement and enjoyable experience. I was deeply attracted by the.

I started back to the beach, and with my kids go, he also likes to have fun objects. Acquaintances learned from the beach, there is an indoor winter activity objects provides a private club in the Washington, DC suburbs. I decided to give it a try. But I put the kids to stay at home, because I'm not sure this would be as good as indoor places I've found a field party. ( I still can not fully determine, as wearing clothes may cause people to "sex" of the association, entirely naked also may be unrelated to "sex.")

Damn! I am worried about are actually superfluous. I arrived almost at the same time, it is not perceptible to take their children to be the wrong decision. There is not a little bit of "erotic" atmosphere, many of which are involved in the family, adults and children are very happy to play in the pool, just as in the general public swimming pools, just do not wear clothes only. Here I met some great enthusiasts, I think I have to come back.

Almost enthusiasts know all the rules of courteous and decent manner. Some of them relatively subtle, some more lively positive. I can say that you might not find you do not like people. The more familiar with them, the more comfortable and natural. Although the club did a lot of rules, but they are keeping quiet environment very insistent.
So I can be like a friend's house in the same club, naked chat, swim, play water volleyball, watching TV or movies or playing games today. When you feel like these nudist friends is OK, even if you're not nudists, will be happy with them, the same as in your own home, it is natural to undress.

People can learn about the people around them do not have any "sex" intentions. If people can feel comfortable and at home, naked, you can also feel the same group there are no errors in thinking societies. In the absence of artificial barriers, full of realism and a sense of trust between people, which is not difficult to explain the celestial experience. I think it should be what we want in life.

Nudists who want to try for objects often people say: the first allows you to take off her clothes would find it difficult, but even more difficult is that since then, want you to get dressed at home. I think this is true.

I think this article will help you understand the Code, those of us who like celestial reasons, I hope you will like us to take off her clothes, and enjoy life.

A good nudist dating site will save time for nudist singles.

I forgot when I became a nudist, At the beginning I like naked sleep, wearing clothes feel uncomfortable. then a person at home I like naked, because the parents at home I'll be shy.

After a long time I am very upset, there are not the same people as me like naked, then i begin to find the information on the website, A friends tell me there is a site for nudist singles, then I doubt to registered the site, surprisingly, it is really great. I know if I did not register this site I will regret forever.

On the site there are many nudist friends, and they like share there naturist life on the site, otherwise there are many activities, you can find nearby to join. From the site I learned a lot like this:

1. I Do not let an inappropriate sense hinder you. When you visit a naked association, you will find that everyone has their own way, no one is wrong. Each visitor will not be worried about them or your body, they just come to this friendly environment to enjoy nature.

2. Some associations encourage sex must consider before you show up better if you can accept this.

3. Participate in online forums. There is a wealth of online resources, people are willing to discuss naturalism, mutual exchange of successful experiences become a good naturalist.

As long as you stick to it. Take a look at the local public about the dress code laws and regulations, including the park, swimming pool, beach. In addition, you can also participate in similar around the world naked ride. As long as permission not to disturb other people, of course you can enjoy naked enjoy nature.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Naked without bathing suit.

I think it's better to naked when u swimming or in the nude beach, Naked is not a nudist singles patent. Here's why I think we'd all be better off without bathing suits:

1. They're uncomfortable, tight and restricting before you even go in the water. Then you swim and get it wet… now you have cold, sopping wet fabric clinging to your skin. If you were swimming in the ocean or at a sandy beach, you’ve probably got some sand in your crotch, too. You get out of the water, and now the rest of your naturally-water-repellant skin dries while the suit stays wet for at least the next 15 – 30 minutes. For women who sit in wet bottoms, this can be the ideal breeding ground for a yeast infection. That should be a pretty big clue that we’re not meant to be wearing these things.

2. They're unhygienic and unsanitary. Swimsuit fabrics trap detergents, perspiration, dirt, fecal matter and bacteria and then carry all that right into the public pool. This can lead to the spread of Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI's). This is why it's important to shower before entering a pool. But how many people actually shower first at American public pools? According to 2012 survey by the Water Quality and Health Council, only 32% of American adults said they always shower first, and many Americans — 44% –don’t even think a pre-swim shower is necessary.

And due to America's weird hang-ups about nudity, how many of that 32% are showering in their swimsuits and still entering the pool with germs attached? We probably have the dirtiest public pools of any developed country.

Ever swim in a pool with a strong chlorine smell? That's not an indicator of a clean pool. In fact it’s a result of impurities from people’s bodies mixing with chlorine in the water. This creates chloramines, which give off that irritating odor.

Needless to say, the preemptive shower is much easier and more effective when done naked. And any bacteria, fecal matter, sweat, germs, etc., that get trapped in suits could be avoided altogether if everyone swam nude. When kids were required to swim naked at the Y, hygiene was the primary reason given, and it's still a good reason. Though we now have better chemical technology, chlorine is not some miracle pool cleaner.

The cleanest pools in America can probably be found at nudist resorts. No one is bringing in impurities from their clothing, and resort pools often have multiple signs instructing people to shower before entering. And if you don't, a club member is likely to remind you because they want a clean pool.

Seven reasons you can not refuse to naked sleep.

I do not know what the people think about naked sleep? I heard that most of the people feel very comfortable doing so, but there are few people who are not accustomed to doing, like small series of which this is one small part of the people, though not on the outside naked, but the body does not feel shelter, inevitably it is a bit embarrassed, shy and insecure. For many nudist singles, They prefer to sleep naked.

But this seven reasons listed below, absolutely naked so you can not refuse, even if not used to it, try it anyway.

1. The only eliminates the trouble of washing clothes, even put the money saved to buy the pajamas.

2. If you have a home on the habit put on clean pajamas, you may never want to step out of the house, the other naked, then when you get up you can directly put on clothes to go out, to avoid you always stay A house becomes home.

3. Naked can make your body feel very comfortable, when you feel comfortable, your gestures will look more confident and attractive.

4. Skin and intimate contact with the wife of the two sides will make the skin produce oxytocin, will make you feel pleasure, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and other multiple benefits.

5. Of course, you can increase the number of sex, sex and love are appropriate and stable love to help grow seedlings.

6. Take advantage of this time to take a deep breath the skin, but also allow naked private parts remain dry, after the morning you will find that the skin becomes more shiny and elastic.

7. Slow down the rate of aging, so that the right amount of growth hormone can make the skin fully repaired, then lower the temperature of the skin can reduce the formation of wrinkles.